Utility Bill Payments

Arrow pointing to drop box location

Water, Sewer, and Trash bills are mailed out the first week of the month & due on the 25th of each month.

Payment Methods
  • Bills can be paid at Village Hall during business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM) by check, debit or credit card. (No cash payments.) 
  • You may also pay over the phone: (815)645-8000.
  • You may drop off your payment at one of our two drop boxes outside Village Hall at any time.
  • You can pay your bill online by clicking below. Payments are accepted by using your credit/debit card or checking account.
  • Autopay is now available! Your monthly utility bill can now be automatically drawn from your checking account on or after the 25th of each month. Click here to find the autopay application. Please be advised that you will need to submit a voided check along with the application. Applications must be dropped off at Village Hall, either in one of the drop boxes, or during our business hours.
Viewing Your Bill
  • To view your utility bill online, click here.
  • To access the online utility bill, you will need your Account PIN which is found on the lower left side of the green utility bill.
  • If you create an online account, you will only need the Account PIN once for it to save to the account.  
  • We also offer emailed billing. To sign up, please call us at (815)645-8000, or click here to fill out the Contact Us form to request emailed billing. *Utility Bills will still be placed in the mail regardless of signing up for this service. There is no additional fee for this service.*