Trash, Recyling, Yard Waste

A list of things allowed to be recycled in the Village of Davis Junction.
  • Trash pick-up is at approximately 6:00 AM on Thursdays.
  • Recycling is picked up weekly with regular trash pick-up. Please place only recyclable materials in the recycle container. For information about what is allowed to be recycled, please look to the list to the right, or visit
Bulk Item Pick Up
  • Starting October 1, 2022, each residence will be allowed one bulk item per week, free of any additional charge. Any extra bulk item(s) will apply additional fees.
  • Please be sure to have your bulk items curbside before 6:00 AM on trash pick-up day.
Yard Waste 
  • Yard Waste pick-up begins on April 1st, or the first Thursday in April, and will conclude at the last garbage pick-up on or before November 15th (weather permitting). Please see the Q&A section below from NID for the guidelines for yard waste pickup.

  • Q: Do you collect grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste?
    • A: Yes.


  • Q: What is an acceptable container for yard waste?
    • A: Biodegradable brown paper bags are the preferred container for yard waste. These are available for purchase at local grocery/hardware stores. You may also use a 32 gallon garbage can, but this can must be clearly marked with a large “X” visible from all sides.


  • Q: Do you take branches?
    • A: Yes, we accept branches and sticks no larger than 4″ in diameter. Branches should be no longer than 3′ in length and tied with twine in bundles weighing no more than 25 lbs.


  • Q: Can I place dirt and sod in my yard waste container?
    • A: No. The compost site will not accept this material.


  • Q: Do you collect leaves?
    • A: Leaves are acceptable yard waste material and should be placed in bags or containers marked with an “X”.