Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

FOIA requests can be submitted directly to the Village Clerk at the Village Hall during normal business hours or emailed directly the Village Clerk.

Village FOIA Officer Contact Information
Sandie Maahs
Village Clerk
Village of Davis Junction
106 N. Elm Street
PO Box 207
Davis Junction, Illinois 61020
Phone - (815) 645-8000
Email - djclerk [at]

It is the policy of the Village of Davis Junction to fill all requests for public documents in accordance with state law.  Most requests will be processed within 5 days; however, if the requests require coordination with outside contractors, research, or are unusually large, the Village will request additional time to respond within the time period allowed by law.  Requests of a commercial nature are subject to different regulations which extend the response time permitted by law.  It is the policy of the Village to ensure that all requests are properly and promptly completed. 

Requests for access to public information must be made in writing.  For your convenience, we have a Request for Public Records form that may be used.  It is available online or at Village Hall.  Requests may be submitted in person, by mail, by fax, or electronically. 

All requests for records should be submitted to the Village Clerk.  The Village Clerk serves as the Village’s Freedom of Information Officer.  The request will be forwarded for response to the Village Department responsible for the information being requested.

Original documents may be viewed at no cost.  There is no charge for copying less than 50 pages of documents.  Copying charges are 15 cents per page thereafter.  Additional charges may be imposed for large format copies, certain electronic media, or color copies, if available.

To further assist with your request, the Village lists Categories of Records available, as well as a Village Summary regarding its governmental structure.